At Laureate School, we aspire to nurture Laureates in our children i.e. the best in their chosen fields by using our compassion, insight and professionalism to give them a firm and secure start.... Every Minute Every Day We provide children with the best care  in a fun, educational and comfortable environment.  We encourage them to develop as individuals and to find their place in our community as well as grow in a stimulating environment where diet, health and happiness are just as important as creativity concentration and learning..... Read More++


News and Events

In 2014 we had 28 candidates who did us proud. The Laureate School K.C.P.E Average was 357.25 Marks Two got below 300 and another 3 got between 300 and 315. Gichini James Mwangi - 399 Wambui Kelvin Githuku...

We were very happy with the performance of our students, with the top five pupils all getting 400 marks and above. The KCPE average was 372.18. Below are the result of some of our students: Betty...

Our pupils last year performed well, with a number with more than 400 marks while the rest had small gaps between them Lamonique Wanjiku Kariuki - 420 Elizabeth Nyawira Mureithi - 419 James Murigi Ngure - 411 Tracey Thitu...

Kindergarten & Nursery


In the Nursery School, children from 3 to 5 years benefit from structured play and ECD teaching.In addition, learning is enhanced by an embedded lifeskills programme that includes singing... Read More++

Primary School


We help children to enjoy  the learning process and solve problems by themselves and with others through a combination of structured learning, lifeskills training and free play.... Read More++


Facilities & Activities


Facilities at the Laureate School, include a multipurpose  purpose-built science hall, a new library, computer suite and large games compounds. We offer swimming, computers, games, clubs... Read More++